Victoria Miro Gallery

To start off my summer I went on yet another day trip to London with Jack Oliver and we headed straight to the Victoria Miro Gallery. On show were works by Sarah Sze and the ‘All In The Best Possible Taste’ tapestries by Grayson Perry. Followers of mine will know that I have already written about and posted images of the Perry tapestries, so if you have missed the exhibition or you want to know what the full collection looked like then scroll down. 

Usually, I don’t like to be biased towards certain artists but in this case I must say that I prefer Grayson Perry. I have known his work for a few years, the aesthetics of the work please my eyes and the subject content is very interesting and topical. I specifically wanted to go and view the tapestries in person after seeing them on the T.V so the Sarah Sze exhibition was just a little extra treat. However, I must also say that Sze is a very credible contemporary artist who I studied last year. 

Furthermore, my hat goes off to Victoria Miro and her team for representing great artists.